Christmas Comes Early

Fellow Southern Scotland modeller, Stuart Porteous outlines his plans for creating another tranche of rolling stock. A creative and resourceful modeller, Stuart has produced some unique and lovely stuff. I recommend you follow his blog if rural Scottish railways and esoteric rolling stock flick your switch.

Portwilliam and Newton Stewart

Well not really, but it’s more acceptable title than “D’you wanna see my etchings ?” which was my first idea ! This lot dropped on the mat this week, having learnt that 247 was discontinuing carriage sides I helped Gary’s stock clearance along a little and ordered this lot:  photo DSCF70512_zpsb2fbcb52.jpg I sent some more of my pocket money in Bill Bedford’s direction too, there’s one of his Porthole BSKs there along with an LMS horsebox. The latter of course proves one of the Universal Laws of Railway Modelling, namely that an RTR version will be announced shortly after you’ve bought/built the kit. This lot, together with a couple of sets of Comet sides from the stockpile and a large pile of Airfix coaches, will form next year’s carriage building programme. The end result should hopefully be two complete prototypical sets for Newton Stewart formed BSK/CK/BSK and BSK/CK/BSK/SK along with a couple…

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