Hot Rodding on a Wednesday!

Sheet 2 of the J27 concluded tonight with the assembly and fitting of the coupling rods. The only additional tools beyond the soldering irons were a cocktail stick and wooden clothes peg, used to align and clamp each laminated rod section whilst assembling. My method is to put the cocktail stick through the boss end of both sections to be joined. I then apply Powerflow flux to the inner faces, one them up and clamp with the peg. Once aligned correctly I apply the solder.
In the case of these rods it was very easy indeed and the rods were then placed on the loco and a rolling test done on the work board. No trace of tightness in the movement whatsoever. Next week I will do a proper test under power. I also took the opportunity to fit the rods to the J39 too. In this case, with an older, less advanced etch, the job took longer and more care was required but the end result appears successful.
I’ll get both locos tested next week but there’s a wee NBR tank loco belonging to somebody else that needs a bit more attention meantime!



Inevitably at the end of a stage like this, there comes the temptation to play around and get an idea what the finished item is going to look like.
In both cases, some clearance work is going to be required internally but this is unavoidable when you work in wider gauges than the 00 for which these kits were designed.

Still, it’s a wee indulgence that gees you on to the finish of the project.



I also recall that I have a couple of wee Glesga tramcars to sort out for another friend too, so I’d best put these aside for a bit!


4 responses to “Hot Rodding on a Wednesday!”

  1. Just brought my J39 home from the club to do some work on it, buffers, boilerbands, handrails all the usual things really. If they are compatable both could be working the oil train together.

    1. What did you use to fill the void under the boiler?

  2. Hi Dave, the Dave Bradwell chassis kit I used came with a cast under boiler part which isn’t actually fitted yet.

    1. That’s what I get for being a cheap bastard and going the Comet route! 😄

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