A Pug’s Home?

Loco Yard

No, I’m not talking about a kennel!  Those who have been keeping track of what feels like an odyssey in my search to find a idea for a layout will know that the scale of my ambition has been reduced to something achievable and I have decided to create a small shunting layout.  The idea is to have a fictional scene set in Scotland in the early 1950’s and be a home to a much modified Hornby Caledonian Pug (click here to find out how I came about this idea.)  The Caledonian Pug 264 class has a complicated history and rather than repeat it, I’ll refer you to one of last years “model of the week” blog posts (click here to read.)

The Caledonian 264 (pug) class arguably has a fame that is a little disproportionate to the number built (32) and number saved (0.)  It’s fame largely comes from…

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