Brass bashing continues apace



Last entry we had just completed one side of the cab assembly.
Since then I’ve completed this and offered it up to the footplate.
Tonight, I have been working on the side tanks. The thought of bending up the curve was mildly laxative but with a series of half etches to help, it turned out to be a reasonably easy task. I also got the opportunity to use my gravity-drop rivet tool for the first time, purchased at Expo EM North!
Worked nicely too.
Next task was to attach the tank ends.
The front piece was a single unit joining both sides.
The rear consisted of two pieces, each applied independently. One went on easily, the other had a mind of its own! I got there in the end though and finished tonight’s assembly work by attaching the tanks to the superstructure.
Soldering etched brass is still a learning curve for me and so far my soldering is a triumph of function over elegance; much like Jackie Baillie’s control pants.
I’m getting there though!






2 responses to “Brass bashing continues apace”

  1. Dave,

    Nice work as usual. You mentioned the neatness of your soldering in a previous post. I’m also in the 2mm society and I find practising on 2mm kits helps my soldering no end. My soldering still looks like yours and is easy to clean up! Anyhoo something else to chat about next weekend when we hopefully finally meet after all these years.

    Terry (Angelus)!

  2. Going great guns bud. Looking really neat.

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