Another step forward.

Tonight I primed and painted the loco frames and in addition cropped the motor shaft so the 1424 will sit comfortably inside the Smokebox.


Having performed these tasks, I placed the body on the chassis to check the fit which appears to be bob-on.
Some hint of the weight and mass of these beefy Locos is transmitting itself into this model; I think this is evident from the sit.
The model weighs a (metaphorical) ton and between that and the motor/gear combo I suspect it will pull anything I care to fling at it. Testing day at Wharfeside may be entertaining!



About maxstafford60093

Scotsman in exile. Lover of Scotland's railways, land, people and culture. Always got an ear for new and interesting music. Politically of the left and most definitely repelled by the shallow and narcissistic. An unlikely jazz-cat mod rocker with punk tendencies; a bit 1968, a bit 1977 with a distracting overdub of 1958... Most often found outdoors with my four legged buddy!
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2 Responses to Another step forward.

  1. 26power says:

    Maybe an optical illusion, but is there a mis-match between the wheels and the splashers?

  2. Having checked the model after you said that, it seems about right. I think perhaps it wasn’t sat quite right on the chassis in that photo; an effect exacerbated by the camera lens.

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