After all the jacks are in their boxes…



Well, there we are. Another festive season bites the dust but I’m still enjoying the novelty of free weekends for now and since there was no requirement to rush around this week as in the previous few, I had a pleasant one indeed. Whether it’s down to getting the old job out of the system, my new healthy eating regime or the bright, frosty morning I’ve no idea but Saturday found me in a fantastically chilled out and positive mood the like of which I’ve not enjoyed for a fair old time. I’m pleased to say the feeling persists and it seems to have coincided with an upswing in creativity hereabouts!
Saturday morning saw me complete this O Gauge Class 52 Diesel for a friend who wanted a well-weathered 1970s finish for the model.
Large scale models require a bit more work than 4mm jobs but as the first of three my friend wants done, this has turned out not bad.







I didn’t have much else to concern myself with apart from doing a laundry and giving Abi her walks so a lot of time was spent on small modelling jobs such as altering three coaches to have ScR prefixes to their numbers. I also made a start on a Cambrian Bogie bolster D kit tonight which is a build I’m running in parallel with a Rumney models conversion to create a superior BR Bobol E from the old Lima model. These are seen at the top of the page. The etched components on the Rumney kit are well produced and in the case of the larger parts easy to use. Smaller parts are more fiddly but with care you shouldn’t have serious problems though it does seem that they are hard to get at the moment. If you see another give me a shout!
The Cambrian Bobol D is pretty much what an experienced builder of this range would expect and up to the point where I left it for the night it has built just as the Boplate did. It now needs the bolsters, brake gear and bogies added. These are of a lower spec than the most modern Parksides for example but for an experienced wagon basher this will not provide any nasty surprises. Both models are going to be equipped with LMS Models cast buffers. Whilst I’m aware that it may appear like I’m offering blatant advertising and product placement for Dave’s products here, they crop up so often because I find them so inherently bloody useful and they really do lift a frequently overlooked feature on even very modern RTR.
In any case giving the items exposure is also a way to say thanks to the wee buffer fairy who keeps putting additional items in my not infrequent orders!
Keeping with the subject matter I might as well mention the other buffers I’m using this week; BR Standard with Oval Head. Primarily intended for the 4MT tank, these are also appropriate for a number of diesel classes including 17, 26/0 and 40.
Anyway, I have fitted some to a Bachmann 4MT, a Class 40 from the same source and also the Heljan Claytons you’ve previously seen on here.
Below are a couple of images so you can see the improvement for yourself.



Finally, whilst there’s not much RTR arriving that I find directly relevant, I finally collected my new Hornby K1 yesterday. There will be work required to correct the (well publicised)
slightly kinked running plate and it will be converted to EM in due course but I have to say that first impression speak very loudly.


Anyway, that’ll do for now as bed beckons so while I remember, a happy , healthy and prosperous new year to you all.

2 responses to “After all the jacks are in their boxes…”

  1. Must of been all the coffee supped Friday evening that put the bounce back in your step bud 😉

  2. The western looks the part carry on the good work

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