Day return to Wharfeside.

I’m off this week so yesterday I took a run up to Glasgow to visit the ScRSG guys and have a play with some of my recent creations under test conditions.
The J27’s pick up arrangements were, as feared, sadly wanting so she’s come back to works for new wipers made from 0.31 wire and some other modifications that should help things along.
Things were more positive with the J39 and though she has had no body weight attached as yet she ran in very quickly and even started showing off by pushing the lengthy rake of 16 ton minerals around Wharfeside, admittedly with assistance on the curves on occasion due to the lack of weight. Still impressive though and it bodes well for the loco’s performance when she’s fitted out and complete.


Now that 44903 is essentially complete, it was time for loaded running trials so she found herself powering through Wharfeside at the head of the Thames-Clyde express, taking this heavy but free-running rake of coaches in her stride. The back of the loco is still somewhat animated and I must now get some packing on that very weird rear axle arrangement that Hornby used on this model. Hopefully this will calm things down a bit there but otherwise 44903 runs steadily and sure-footedly. The tender which is a mash-up of Hornby body, Comet outer frames and LMS Models sprung inner chassis runs like a dream.
Here, Dave, did I mention how good the tender was? 😜



Anyway, as usual, it was good to see the guys and I came away with a few unexpected goodies too in the form of some hard to get wagon kits and another nice etched kit for an NBL Diesel Hydraulic shunter.
I do like these machines; stylish in their own way and very much a signature Scottish ‘Yard Puggy’ of the early Diesel era.



As always, a good afternoon back in my home city with the gang and I’m already looking forward to the next one!


3 responses to “Day return to Wharfeside.”

  1. A Colchester Britania Works Paxman built engine,takes me back to an apprenticeship in 1963. Diesel engines everywhere. I hope your model turns out ok I look forward to more updates. Pete

    1. Nice to see a personal connection there, Pete. You must have been there when they were working of the Venturas for the Type 2 refit.
      I’m advised that this job went better than the received wisdom often claims.

      1. All I remember is turning large nuts and bolts on a Capstan lathe among other things also con-rod bolts on a grinder the tolerances were pretty tight as I recall. There was a siding that connected to Colchester St Botolphs station as the works was behind. Its amazing what is locked away in the old memory banks. Ah yes we used to jump DMU’s to Clacton On Sea or Walton.Pete

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