Touching (up) the Void

Some light modelling tonight as I turn my attention to the aesthetic side of my J39 project. You’ll remember the sizeable gap that existed under the boiler, something that was necessitated by the old split frame chassis under the Bachmann model. I remedied this by cutting a piece of 30 thou Plasticard and shaping it by dunking it in boiling water then shaping it round a piece of brass tube of suitable diameter. I then attached this to the inside of the boiler using Plastic Weld. Once this was done I then cut lengths of Microstrip which as you can see I’ve applied over the initial plasticard insert. This has built the diameter of the boiler out to more or less where it should be. Tomorrow I’ll set about sanding and filling to smooth things out and hopefully eliminate any trace of a join.
I can then use some more microstrip to represent the boiler bands.



It certainly fills in that huge void underneath the boiler and even that daft spacer.
This taken care of, it’ll be time to attach the replacement buffers and couplings.
Then, like Jimmy Cagney, I’m gonna fill it full of lead…


One response to “Touching (up) the Void”

  1. Dave,
    That looks much,much better.

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