The Tender Behind (and other stories)



With the main loco body essentially complete, attention turns to the back half of the loco. Again cast buffers from my favourite source have been fitted and a drawhooks will also be fitted. As the old Bachmann tender comes it has a load of moulded and rather uninspiring faux ‘coal’ load which I’ve removed by careful scoring with a scribing tool. So that it didn’t look like a full load of coal in the tender, I’ve further doctored the ‘inside’ of the tender to a profile approximate to what would actually be inside this type of vehicle. Not having seen inside an LNER 4200 gallon type, I can’t vouch for the overall correctness of the way I’ve angled it, but since it’s going to be hiding under a part load of coal it shouldn’t be too obviously out!

I’ve also been looking at my intended ‘new build’ programme for this year and have come up with the following list:
Wagons ;
1 x Bogie bolster D plus 2 x Bogie Bolster E – These are already being described in the blog as you can see a couple of posts back.
Next will be three Plate Wagons to the vacuum braked diagram 1/432 or 434 using Parkside topsides and Bill Bedford chassis.
1 x Trestrol bogie trestle wagon from the Rumney kit.
Additionally, I’ll be producing three Diagram 1/204 12 ton vans using the old Airfix bodies and Rumney chassis.
Finally I have two Lochgorm kits for the LMS diagram 2079 van which was in fact a wartime unbraked version of the LNER standard planked 12 ton van.
Locomotove wise, I’m not 100% decided this far, but the shortlist includes one of my NBL Diesel shunters and completion of the ex-LMS 2P that I started last year.
Other slightly more outlandish ideas I’m entertaining are preparing scratch built chassis for my Pickersgill 3P and D40 4-4-0s.
Another loco I wish to re-chassis is the ex Caley ‘300’ class 0-6-0 I acquired last year also.
In addition to this I have a couple of RTR conversion to EM planned including an ex-LMS Compound loco and ex-LNER D11/2 loco.
I reckon it’s a fairly ambitious programme for a year and we’ll see how I fare against the self-set target
Anyway, I’ll post another progress report for the J39 tomorrow so have a good weekend!

3 responses to “The Tender Behind (and other stories)”

  1. Im impressed you have a build list for the year. Mine is just random so maybe a good idea to put into practice – helps focus the mind.

  2. Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    A build list – a good idea

  3. A planned build list is always a good idea.
    Mind, one has to well enough to follow it!
    Mentioning no names – WIBBLE!

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