Success Bolstered


Not too much to report tonight but the Bolster E is now structurally complete and with running gear and couplings fitted is ready for the paint shop. The J39 although largely complete lacks the sandboxes which should be ahead of the forward pair of driving wheels but everything else outstanding is essentially paint.
That being the case, I’ll save photographing 64948 for the blog until work is fully completed.


5 responses to “Success Bolstered”

  1. That is a very tasty beastie.
    Mmmm, better get my order off to sunny Bristol

  2. It does look good. Do you know, I’ve never clapped eyes on those Lima donor models. Not one!

  3. Looks good Dave.
    Jamie – must look harder, sometimes in grey, often with a load of FB rail.

    1. Hi John, total blank on these – don’t recall them in boxes, nor on layouts. Funny that?!

      Not that I am looking for any, I hasten to add. See you at ModelRail, I hope 🙂

  4. For something once rather common they do currently appear to be as rare as rocking horse keech!

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