Mystery ballaster unveiled


Latest output from the WRHA’s own ‘Skunk Works’ deep in the wilds of Northumberland is our new side discharge ballast hopper on its 1964 Ford Dexta operating platform.
The hopper awaits final livery but really should have an Engineers’ Fishkind code. Seeing as it’s much smaller by a considerable degree than the ‘fish’ used elsewhere on the island’s railway system, I suggest ‘Plankton’ would be appropriate…


6 responses to “Mystery ballaster unveiled”

  1. I suggest ‘mintie’.
    Are the rear wheels perched (!) on the rails there, or running on the sleepers?

    1. Oh, none o’ Yer fancy road railers at Whitrope. Auld Tony got the Dexta to the spot the hard way; over un-ballasted F27 concretes! 😆

      1. Good job he uses Polygrip. *

        *other heavy duty wally retainers are available.

  2. Pondlife might work as a name.

    1. We’re quite safe from football supporting Sun readers at Whitrope, thanks. 😉 😄

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