What’s that looming over the bench (is it a monster?)


Well, as it’s a G Scale Ffestiniog Railway double Fairlie, it’s reasonable to class it as such when set against the normal 4mm content of the bench.

This beast has occupied space in the Kennel for longer than I can remember without my face going red and was passed to me so that it could be painted and lined as Merddyn Emrys.
About the same time as The Beast arrived, I acquired a Bob Moore lining pen but it has taken me all this time to grow a big enough pair to actually attempt use of it.
I had a tentative play about a week or two back but tonight I decided to go for gold and just get stuck in.
The orange lining you see above is the result. It’s not perfect as you can see and a bit of tidying up will be required but the basics are there and I’m beginning to feel comfortable with the pen.
This opens up whole new frontiers for me in terms of model finishing as bespoke lining applications are now a distinct possibility without recourse to transfers.
This new skill will also be useful over the next couple of years as I have a handful of pre-grouping locos and carriages to construct.
I do have black and straw decals for the inner tank side panels on this loco but I feel this development won’t be good news for my decal suppliers as I start to produce my own lined finishes. I suspect boilers will largely continue to be done with transfers though!


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