Our New World Order: The Rise of Equality

Those of you who know me well know I’m increasingly a political animal and this piece by David Milligan neatly encapsulates much of my own thinking about our current situation so I make no apologies for re-blogging it. Politics is everywhere and increasingly people around me are starting to realise that if we are to aspire to a healthy democracy then we have an absolute responsibility to start taking an active role again ourselves rather than continue to place our trust in those who have so signally failed us.

There will be more politics and random musings from time to time but worry not, railways and modelling will remain at the fore!
More model-related antics later!

A wee Sovereign Scot

Westminster saltires

Any society is based on confidence.  Confidence that those in charge will forge a path that’s good for the biggest bulk of the population and creates wealth and security for all that live in that society.  For that confidence to work there has to be trust in the system and those in charge need to make sure that they carry the population with them in the decisions they make on our behalf and that their intentions and actions can be seen to be honourable in all facets of their work as decision makers.

There, that’s how it should work, now let’s look at what’s really happening and how as a result, that confidence and trust that the ordinary member of society places in the government of the day has broken down.

At this point I could do a list that goes something like;-

Illegal Iraq War
Cash for Questions

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