Death from Above!


In Sunday’s post I omitted to mention the little ‘incident’ that occurred on Friday morning.
Not long having got up I went into the spare room and went to draw up the rear roller blind.
That’s when things began to deviate from plan…

It appears that there has been some kind of estrangement between the top of the window rebate and the rawl plugs holding the left side mounting bracket, resulting in first the right hand side having a quick one with gravity. Clearly the rawlplugs were unfamiliar with the film Fatal Attraction, where the potentially deadly consequences of illicit quickies were ably illustrated or if they were, those lessons had been forgotten. So it was that they and their charge revelled in wanton abandon in a vertically downward manner before landing right on top of the sill where the J39 was reposing with a couple of vehicles – including the carefully constructed Bolster E…




The J39 seemed to absorb the impact of the hefty roller blind, but it was not thus for the hapless bolster which catapulted from the ledge in a second but non-consensual dalliance with Newtonian forces before paying a visit to the badlands behind the radiator where upon arrival, it parted company with one bogie, some small components and a section of bodyside.
It’s unclear at this point how the painstakinly assembled trussing beneath the deck came to resemble one of Salvador Dali’s watches but I guess we should be grateful that following it’s unsolicited Guernica-esque experience, it didn’t spontaneously combust like one of the great man’s bloody giraffes!
Those trusses took a bit of unmangling and the bogie/ bodyside section have been re-attached now but I have still to reattach some of the smaller components but she’ll be back in the paint shops for Take Two shortly.
These are the kind of dangers one lives with in a modern cardboard house. I live in peril of heavy rain causing the whole sodding structure to go soggy and collapse one day…


6 responses to “Death from Above!”

  1. Bad luck could have been a lot worse but no doubt they will look like new when you work your magic .

  2. That’ll teach ye fer displayin your latest doings to the windie cleaner…

  3. Now this is a mojo buster!
    Calm thoughts…

    1. ‘Twas a boot in the Jacobs at the time, but recovery has gone as well as could be expected!

  4. Is the J39 OK? Otherwise it could have been worse.

    1. The J39 seems to have just shrugged it off, Tim, I’m somewhat relieved to say!

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