Let’s end the reign of the Little Tin Gods

Some interesting thoughts here about local government functions that could be performed better on a smaller more local scale.

A wee Sovereign Scot


I cannot stand local politics, there, I’ve said it out loud.  I need the council to empty my bins and keep the street clean and well lit and free of potholes.  I also need the council for the education facilities that my Daughter uses.

But I really don’t think I need an extra layer of politics to run these services.

Some Councillors are very good at what they do, they can get help to an elderly resident that wouldn’t normally be budgeted for, however, many have a day job and with the best will in the world that will take precedence over their council duties.

Then there’s the committees…. there’s the licencing committee, the planning committee and so on and so on.  Given that in many councils these committees aren’t fully staffed with Councillors then the decision making may be left to the very person that has some kind of…

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