Greece, Scotland and Hope

Another great and thoughtful post from the excellent Grousebeater blog.

Grouse Beater

Symbols of hope Symbols of hope

For those like me still suffering sorrow and anger over a lost opportunity to secure ‘once in a lifetime’ empowerment, denied by people happy to leave Scotland’s fate in the hands of another nation whose concerns become more alien by day, there is some  cheer to be had from what is happening in Greece. If fact, there’s lot of parallels.

We should begin by recalling recent times. When the European Union and its banks forced draconian  conditions on Greece for a bailout loan of billions of Euros the food parcel came wrapped in a torrent of smears. Greece was riddled with corruption, a workforce so lazy it wouldn’t get out of bed even for a free bottle of ouzo, yet somehow everyone owned a Porsche. No one paid taxes, and millionaires squatted in yachts in crowded harbours. It looked like the end of Greek civilisation as we knew it and were taught it…

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