ALB-007 Licensed to Thrill?

Alba Weathering and Effects

Well, I certainly hope it’s owner is thrilled with the new look I’ve given his model. This is a 7mm scale Black Five, representing number 44795, formerly of Kingmoor shed in Carlisle. Although the light is poor today it’s still sufficient to show the effects off to the camera.
Previously I hadn’t really been blown away by the Humbrol weathering washes, preferring the Mig Productions equivalent but I thought the model was still looking a bit 2-dimensional before applying it and it really does seem to have been the last bit of icing on this particular cake.image







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4 responses to “ALB-007 Licensed to Thrill?”

  1. Nice, Super, Smashing….

  2. Sorry, that should have read, – Great, Super, Smashing. (Jim Bowen).

    1. OK Dave. You win the speedboat. 😉

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