First 2015 wagon projects near completion.

image image

Earlier in the year I stated my intention to instill some discipline into my building programme with a list of intended builds.
The first of these are now nearing completion as the Bolster D and E roll out into the spring sun. A bit of light underframe dusting with the airbrush and girder loads are yet to be added but otherwise the models are now ready for service.image



Also nearing completion is this ex-LNERlong wheelbase CCT which has been converted to EM gauge and just awaits couplings. I’m not blown away with Hornby’s chassis arrangement as it doesn’t make for the best running but it’ll have to do for now.
The last item here is a 1937 Fordson 7V truck. Large numbers of these were built and many lasted well into the Postwar era, lending the type to my own purposes nicely.
This one was built from a Road Transport Images resin kit and was a nice enjoyable build. The cab still requires glazing and a couple of mirrors wouldn’t go amiss but I’m working on that. Whilst there are plenty of ready made models of commercial vehicles available off the shelf now, I find it more satisfying to create something individual of my own. I have a few more kits of this nature to build and they’ll appear here in due course.
If you fancy modelling 1/76 scale commercials though I recommend a visit to Frank’s website;

2 responses to “First 2015 wagon projects near completion.”

  1. The BolsterE looks to be a particular gem, Dave.

    1. Thanks Jamie. In spite of its near-death experience during construction it appears to have come out rather well.

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