Mr Mojo Rising


While I’m off and in the process of regaining my fitness, I’m putting the time to good use at the bench and making the most of the creative buzz I’m getting right now.

The other night, following a crack with Culreoch’s Jamie, I decided I needed to bring some structure to my loco building projects without which I might hop from one to the other without making significant progress in any of them.
A lot of the work concerns modifications/re-gauging of RTR models and I got the list to 18 before getting anywhere near cracking open any of the kits in the pile!
That 18 isn’t an exhaustive list either, but it’s a start so I’m getting on with it, concentrating on ‘quick wins’ first.






The first two to emerge then are long time drawer resident D8113, an English Electric Type 1 as Class 20s were known 50 years ago. This Bachmann model had the wheels pulled out to EM spacing, though I suspect a wee bit of fine tuning may be required. In addition, she had Shawplan etched discs and wipers applied along with LMS cast buffers and Shawplan air pipes on the buffer beam. It’s quite significant, the improvement the these cast buffers make to RTR models and I suspect Dave has struck gold with this new product line.
The other model was the J39 which had been a stalled project from the winter.
However the body and chassis are now, properly mounted and I’ve added some rudimentary fittings in the cab area to bring it more to life. While the loco still needs a crew and ideally a steam heat pipe on the buffer beam, it looks much more complete and ready for service.
I’d predicted having these two completed by the end of the week but I’m already onto another project and I’ll tell you about it tonight!

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