Coals to Newcastle





I appreciate the blog’s been quiet over the last day or two, but here you see the reason.
Although it still requires a number and shed plate for the smokebox and possibly some can doors, the J27 is now essentially complete and ready for traffic. Some typical North Eastern Region hopper wagons are being prepared just now so 65855, as the model is now will have an authentic train to match.
Whilst not directly relevant to my usual ScR interests, this loco and associated train are a little nod to my long standing interest in the North Eastern, itself a spin off from those happy days at Berwick I mentioned before.
Anyway 65855 is a North Blyth loco which in the 1960s would have worked in the Morpeth and North Tyne/Redesdale areas.
As she was one of my first ‘self builds’, I’m pleased she has taken so successfully to her new lease of life. Hopefully she’ll get a chance to show us what she can do on Wharfeside before too long!


10 responses to “Coals to Newcastle”

    1. Thanks Dave.
      Coming from you that means an awful lot!

  1. Looking good Dave. A proper goods engine! How is your recovery going? Will you make it to the next meet at Elsdon on the 5th July? If so please bring this along!


    1. Coming along just fine Terry. Pretty much doing all the non-heavy day to day stuff now though it’ll be a few weeks yet before I’m released to main line traffic.
      I’ll certainly be at Elsdon in July.
      I’ll bring this loco and something else that’s got your name on it! 😊

  2. Mmmmmmm.
    Very tasty beastie, it has a look to it.

    1. Hopefully the right sort of look, Ian! 😊

  3. Cracking work Dave up to your usual exceptional standards

  4. Really excellent, Dave – looks just the part. Do you just use a rattle-can spray for the base black before weathering?

    1. Aye, that’s generally what I do, David. In this instance, I used brush applied patch painting over the original coat which was, I believe from a can back in 2009. 😊

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