Cereal, fill ‘er…


Last week, things went fairly quiet in the kennel after 65855 left works although I’m working on two O gauge ‘biggies’ for a friend. That said, I took delivery of one of Bachmann’s long anticipated 20 ton Grain wagons.
Truly in-depth reviews of this particular model can be found elsewhere and I won’t claim special expertise but first impressions are favourable. Whilst there’s a conspicuous joint line on the roof ends that needs filled and rubbed down, this shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. Beyond that the buffers, although adequate could use replacement by articles from a well-known supplier of such items and if you’re modelling the earlier, pre-1964 BR era, the shade of grey used needs toned down to the darker, bluer variant used by post-war BR.
I also intend to apply 3-link couplings, but EM modellers will be pleased to know that Gibson wheelsets are a perfect, no aggro drop-in fit.


That’s the third wagon on the trot that Bachmann have achieved this outcome with and though nearly all the BR staples have been covered with the release of this wagon, I’m hoping the ease of conversion becomes standard on all future rolling stock releases.

It’s not the 10th Earl of Drumarse’s horse box, but for modellers of rural Scotland’s railways, this latest addition to Bachmann’s range of rolling stock is both very useful and very welcome!


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