Fine milled Grain

Some more positive observations about the Grain to note.
The body itself is held on the chassis by means of two small screws, easily removed from the underside with the break point perfectly sited if you wish to repaint yours.
Also apparent is the void on the chassis representing the hopper chute which provides a convenient place to stick some additional weight, the wagon feeling just a little light.


With the body removed, it’s a much easier task to remove the buffers and drawhooks and also a good opportunity to sand down the noticeable gap/lip on the body ends.
I’ll give these a bit of fine filler yet before repaint commences.image



8 responses to “Fine milled Grain”

  1. Thanks Dave. I’m amazed how little attention these have had since launch given the waiting time. I’ve yet to see the usual forum photo review.

    Look forward to picking one up at Perth.

  2. Dave,
    Which of Dave Franks buffers are you going to use?


    1. I’m going to go for B003 in this instance, Terry. It seems the most likely option although for some it seems you can use the 16″ B025 variant. I’d check photos for that one though.

  3. I sense that a birthday request yet pends.
    Very interesting stuff.

  4. Okay I’ll bite. The grain wagon would have B024 when first built, a very few had B025 as replacements. These both had a step on the top of the housing, 3 link couplings but instanta couplings later.
    Later builds, unfitted and piped could have Dowty hydraulic buffers BH02 with instanta couplings then Dowty hydraulic buffers BH04 or Pneumatic buffers BP04 with screw couplings. Fitted wagons seem to have Pneumatic buffers BP04.
    Info from wagon books, photos and Paul Bartlett’s wagon pages, thanks Paul.
    Hope that helps.
    Dave Franks.

    1. Thought that would work… 😉

      1. Good job I had a set of 024s mind!

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    A grain of truth

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