Some models for sale.

Over the next week or two I’ll be putting up some custom-finished models for sale as I need to raise some funds to both pay a bill and to finance a wee project I have in mind regarding Alba Model Effects.
I’m also moving some models for a friend.
The first two are shown below.image



First up is a Bachmann K3 in regular 00 scale.
She’s had the full range of effects to replicate a well maintained but busy locomotive circa 1958. I’ve also added a rolled up storm sheet and real Kingmoor coal in the tender.
I think you’ll agree she looks very much alive. I’m looking for £120 for this model – you wouldn’t get this standard of finish for that price at any of the established high volume suppliers!

Next is a Bachmann Class 25/2image



This time we have a nicely treated Sulzer type 2 as it would have looked in 1965. The details have also been applied to one end, leaving the other free so you can attach a coupling of your choice to haul trains.
I’d like £75 for this model.
I’ll be putting a few more models up before long including a number of ex-LMS and BR standard types, all given the kind of treatment you expect from me.
Please respond in the comments section if you are interested.

Cheers! 🙂


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