Fire Sale

Just a heads up folks.
A recent hefty vets bill which had to go on the plastic heralds a large forthcoming cull of stock from my fleet.
I’ll be listing stuff starting over the next couple of days but it will be an ongoing event over the next week or two. Among the goodies will be a kit built NBR J37 which I’m about to renew the pick ups on and a nicely finished K3 ex Bachmann. Most of my Pacifics will be getting the treaent too.
Anyway, I’ll stick up some images when I get the chance. So keep your eyes peeled!


6 responses to “Fire Sale”

  1. Sorry to hear about Abi, she looks like a lovely girl. Best wishes, Tim

  2. Sorry to here Abi’s been unwell hope she’s on the road to recovery

    1. Thanks folks. Not so much that she’s unwell as a bigger dog took a chunk out of her. She’s doing fine though she’s got a dozen stitches and a lampshade on. Had to happen on a bank holiday too – even vets get ‘double bubble’!

      1. Mmmmm….. Reminds me of the time our old border collie got acute pancreatitis over the Millennium New Year while we were visiting relatives down in Cambridge and she required to be hospitalised for several days. It took us quite a long time to pay that one off. Anyway, glad to hear that Abi’s doing fine though I bet she hates the lampshade! Did you report the other dog?

  3. I did, David. Since both dogs were running free at the time, there’s little the police can do other than warn the owner. I have a name but no address but he really should stump up the costs. If he does that and makes sure the dog is muzzled when he’s out I’ll be happy with that. Wouldn’t want a small dog or kid to cop it!

    1. Actually, got a street now, no number but it’s an easy find now. 😉

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