Extending the Borders Railway to Hawick and Carlisle

The CBR are now starting to actively lobby for the restoration of the remainder of the Waverley Route.
There is much work to be done to build a full, convincing case for re-opening though the disruption caused by the Lamington incident and the prospect of increased weather-related disruption in the future surely boost the argument for an additional strategic route between Scotland and England.
Please consider joining the CBR to add your weight to the push if you believe this to be a worthwhile goal.

Campaign for Borders Rail

This week Campaign for Borders Rail has sent out a flyer to all addresses in the TD9 postcode area (Hawick and Newcastleton). We are encouraging people to join the Campaign and get involved in making the case for extending the railway from Tweedbank to Hawick and Carlisle. http://www.campaignforbordersrail.org/support.html

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