Too much of a good thing.

I’ve spent far too little time on modelling of late. Sometimes I get a minor surge of enthusiasm which all too frequently gets bogged down in a swamp of indecision as I survey the sheer depth of modelling material I am surrounded with.

Add to this the additional distractions of a considerable side interest in politics, a backlog of house jobs together with the growing need for some adjustments to my current work/life balance and it’s become evident that some greater sense of direction and purpose to my modelling is sorely needed.

I have some embryonic ideas starting to bubble about a small layout which I could practically achieve. The Broomloan Yard concept that I first mentioned two years ago (was it really that long ago?) is still a long term project but as yet I’m not in the right place to tackle this project.

What I do have in mind though is the not very original, but personally interesting concept of an NCB/BR exchange on a pair of 4′ boards. Of course, this has been covered very effectively by Kirkmellington so whilst I’m unlikely to be breaking any new ground in concept, I’m increasingly fascinated by the erstwhile Scottish coal and steel industries. When my railway interests first flowered properly in 1977, Scotland’s Central Belt still had these industries greatly in evidence with industrial steam still busy in places like Waterside, Whifflet, Bedlay and Polkemmet.

This got me to thinking that a modelling project based on that era and an amalgam of such locations might just be the thing to rouse me from my current torpor.

What it also does however is force me to focus my modelling more closely, which in turn leads me to the realisation that I have still far too many models for which there is no meaningful requirement in my future plans.

Thus ultimately bringing me to the prime reason for today’s entry; the release of the first tranche of surplus models. I hope they will be of interest to someone reading the post as successful sales will allow me to lay the necessary foundations for future work.


1. Bachmann Class 24.

Excellent nick tested only -£45.


2. Bachmann A1 60165 Great Eastern.

Tested only. £90.



3. Bachmann 9F with double chimney and BR1F tender. Tested only £100.


4. Bachmann 10000 in 1956 lined green. Tested only £70.


5. Bachmann Cravens DMU. Tested only, £70.



6. Bachmann LMS Twins in 1948 livery.

Tested only £280 the pair.

These will all be despatched by Special Delivery for safety.

I’ll be listing more through the week so keep your eyes on the blog and please contact me via the blog or if there’s anything of interest.








4 responses to “Too much of a good thing.”

  1. That wee skinhead can make her new home down here, buddy.

    Whitehill diesel outstation will be a perfect setting for her….

  2. Dave, I’ll take the green ex LMS !0000, it’s a long story which I won’t bore you with but I would love to have it.


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