Jings! Is that the time?

It’s been way too many months since I put anything up on here but it’s been a pretty tight few months with any modelling activity geared towards subsistence as I negotiated some stormy waters in relation to some household bills and structural repairs.

Finally, calmer seas appear to have returned and with them the chance to do a bit of modelling for my own enjoyment again as creativity gets a little growing space once more.

This has allowed me to break a log-jam afflicting one of Project 77’s key elements, the 18″ Barclay. I had managed to tie myself in a knot with the instructions for the chassis by locating the fixed, driven axle at the front rather than the rear which really wasn’t on!

Tonight, after a couple of months’ vacillation I grasped the nettle and relocated the bearings and hornblocks from each end to the other. I also fabricated the gearbox frame although there are now clearance issues with the final drive extension. A few minutes work with a burr should sort this tomorrow night, all being well.

Once that’s done I can introduce myself to the delights of mounting and quartering Gibson wheels…

And after that, maybe get the beast running!

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