Comrie Pug; Pt2

Like it is for many, this is a very busy time of year in my current line  of work so there’s not been that much modelling activity since the last post. However, last night I decided to get stuck in to the Austerity and get the body correctly fettled for the chassis. This meant removing a lot of moulded detail and a fair chunk of the undersides to accommodate the 1224 motor and 108:1 box but things went quite successfully.

Since the model is equipped with a flywheel too I had to remove extra plastic inside beyond what you’d need if you weren’t using a flywheel but it seems to be free from obstruction so far.


As you can see, it all fits pretty well now but there’s no doubt I’ll need to make some modifications to that hefty ballast weight that Dapol provided. In truth it makes the model a wee bit nose heavy in current form anyway so a bit of thought will be needed on not just how to add weight here but also as to how it can be distributed properly.


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