A Growly Glesga Dug!




Whilst I psyche myself up to tackle the Gibson wheels on the Austerity and re visit the errant chassis on the Barclay, I decided I would finally make a start on one of the Judith Edge diesel shunter kits that have sat in my stash for six years now. I chose to go for the NBL diesel hydraulic, one of the later, more boxy style, seen from D2708 onward. These were further developed and the kit represents the later variant from D2745 on.

I’ve long entertained a big soft spot for these machines which although small are big in personality as the clip below ably demonstrates.


Quite possibly, the growliest, snarliest wee shunters on the system and full of character, most Scottish yards of any significance had one stashed away somewhere so as plans beyond Project 77 feature a representation of a Glasgow yard, there is a requirement for at least one of these.

The kit itself is a collection of flat etched and so far construction has generated no terrors.

Close of play last night saw the frames assembled, the running plate basic structure and front buffer beam fabricated. This latter is a laminate of five etched layers, making an extremely solid and robust assembly.



It’s just possible that the kit is slightly over-engineered but so far it’s pretty well designed and self-jigging. In any case, I don’t consider over engineering to be a remotely bad thing; it is after all the primary reason that the Forth Bridge still stands proudly beside her newer siblings!



(Image courtesy of Transport Scotland)



3 responses to “A Growly Glesga Dug!”

  1. Looking good. All the best for the New Year

    1. Thanks Dave. All the best to you and yours and hope to see you soon!

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