Filthy, Dirty, grubby, meet the model of 2016… The Peckett is finished.

The Model Railways of Oly Turner and Chris Matthews

My modelling recently has been somewhat lazy, I have expected results from lacklustre effort and been pissed off with the outcomes, much like my recent work life. It has been a rubbish year really for most people and by about November I had really had enough of 2016.

The only upside at the end of 2016 was the installation of a garden based workshop (ED – More a shed) it is only 6 x 8 feet, but more than enough for me. I just have to wait to get out and get it fitted out with insulation et al (read Chris has to come down and do it while I look busy).

My modelling had suffered being in the spare room. Tools were always away, stock was constantly damaged, it meant I could have a layout but it meant I was lazy as items like the airbrush took considerably more effort to…

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