Painful progress


This week, having received some bits that were holding the job up, I have moved the Austerity up the works line a bit. The motor/gearbox combo has been completed as has the main body of the chassis. Both have been offered up to each other successfully though testing awaits.

I can’t honestly say I enjoyed fitting the Gibson wheels as there’s a bit much chassis between the two wheels, making it very difficult to visually quarter them accurately. There was the added complication of the footplate supports which added a voodoo doll-type layer of fun to the procedure…

I’ll tackle the rods over the weekend and then have a good laugh at the appalling galactof*** that passes for quartering in this effort.

Still, it’s progress and the model is getting close to an operational state; it looks like despite the flywheel, the motor will go comfortably into the boiler and even the mahoosive tank weight will sit clear of the motor with relatively minor modification.


Lastly, I’ll be paying a little attention to these pre-group wagons which have been hanging about the desk and really could use being finished.

The van is a Highland Railway Jones 8 tonner from a resin kit marketed by the Highland Railway Society. I’ll probably need a little bit of light relaxation once the Austerity is a runner!




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