Queensferry Crossing: Scottish not British

I’m afraid I can’t sat silent about the hypocrisy of the state media here and this post goes a long way to setting the record straight regarding a great Scottish achievement that symbolises my country’s vision for the future.

Butterfly Rebellion

by Jeggit


Have you seen it yet? Our new Queensferry Crossing is an engineering masterpiece, or – as we say here in Scotland, it’s braw. This bridge is the largest of its kind in the world, and it is unique in that it is constructed on a location where there are three bridges each built in three different centuries – a perfect testimony to the proud history of Scotland. We should all be very proud of what Scotland has achieved in this project.

Sadly, given the current political climate in Scotland, it did not take long for the British government and unionist politicians and media to start stealing the credit for it from the Scottish government. In the BBC’s promotional video – showcasing “British” engineering – Scotland was not mentioned once. This bridge could have been in London as far as it was concerned. This nasty little propaganda film…

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3 responses to “Queensferry Crossing: Scottish not British”

  1. Thank you kindly for the reblog. From a friend, and another Scot in exile.

  2. Appalling treatment of the opening of the bridge by BBC Scotland TV News. On the day when this terrific bridge was opened by the Queen, BBC Scotland decided thar the main item in their news would be the alleged refusal of the Scottish government to support a sepsis awareness campaign. This related to a woman who had died five years earlier and was an ongoing issue. However, I suppose it was too much to ask BBC Scotland to headline with a brilliant major item that was an SNP government initiative and success; oh no, much better to start with a relatively minor item (no other news channel carried it and it was only a minor item on the BBC’s website) that was purely designed to criticise the SNP government.

    1. Still, it was very nice of the Red Arrows to use the occasion to celebrate The Auld Alliance by producing le tricolore over the bridge… 😉

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