Transitions 2.0


It’s been some time since I posted anything of my own up here. The truth is that I’ve been too busy with work on a full time basis.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoy the work but the shifts can be long and tiring on the roster I currently work. The high levels of concentration required on the job mean that by the time evening comes around and you’ve finally got home, you’ve walked the dog and had something to eat, there really isn’t much energy left for creative activity.

In truth I’ve done next to no modelling since April for these very reasons. The only exception over that time was during my leave period in July and it was during that time that I took stock and decided that it would be better to revert to part time working in the interest of balancing up work and all the other aspects of life that also matter. It had been two and a half years since I had last worked full time and shift work and my body has been reminding me of that in no uncertain terms. Abi’s recent health issues were another reinforcing part of the argument so when I returned to work after my break I enquired about going part time. The request was duly noted and though I had to await a suitable opening in the part time roster, one has now presented itself and I should be making the transition back to part time within the next three weeks or so.

I’m looking forward to this step down in gear immensely, not least as the opportunity for increased modelling activity and a return to a healthier lifestyle beckons.

One  result of my new profession was an increased interest in heritage buses and I unexpectedly found myself amassing a small collection of miniatures which are now seriously pressing the rail contingent in my other wall cabinet into the corner!




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