Transitions 3.0


After five years in a sort of limbo during which I’ve retired from a long time career, handled a couple of health issues, dealt with car and house crises, had a second dabble with full-time working, had a friendship that became a relationship then reverted to a friendship, lost an old companion and then gained a new one, I think I’ve finally reached the point where moving on in the physical as well as other senses has become urgent.

The urge to return home to Scotland has become overwhelming, particularly as England lurches from one disaster to another whilst mutating into something troublingly akin to Weimar Germany in 1932.

Whilst I love my little garden here, this house has failed really to become a home regardless of what’s been done to it; really, like most modern era UK housing, it is merely a space to sleep in, with no real room to grow in the ways I wish to.

At least it is no longer the mausoleum to a failed marriage that it was five years ago, but I conclude it’ll never be a place I can find genuine peace in and in any case, there is too much urban noise and development encroaching on these parts now.

Last month, I gave myself nine months to prepare this place and get it in a saleable condition; so far it’s progressing slowly but it’s still moving in the right direction.

There are three main jobs that are required; completing the line of the fence that was commenced last year and replacing the flooring in the kitchen and hall. All else is essentially paint and decor though I may replace the boiler if I can scrape enough change from the sofa!

I gave a bit of thought about my final destination in Scotland; the South West I ruled out due to being remote from most major points in Scotland;& the Borders too expensive and far too Tory! The Central Belt is too overdeveloped for my tastes now also.

I have always had a liking for the city of Dundee and the rural and coastal areas surrounding it so the County of Angus it is.

Additionally, it’s well placed for easy quick reach of the major towns and cities, most of my friends and hubs for my hobbies and activities.

All being well, I will hopefully have a wee bit of equity when I sell this place and purchase the next which will give me a bit of short term security while I find new work.

Whilst I enjoy the work I do, I’m beginning to tire of the shifts and weekend work again and physically, my body is taking a bit of a hit from the long periods at the wheel.

Something where I have more regular hours but still only around the 25 hour mark will be ideal as I also have to factor the welfare of my new companion in too, speaking of whom…FCD93FED-36E3-42BE-A988-AAFF8072EBC0

…meet Scubaidh Dubh!

Scubaidh is two and a half and an ex-racing greyhound, retired due to a muscle injury before he’d really made proper racing.

Fortunately he was kept at one of the more ethical kennels where retired dogs are re-homed as pets.

He’s made the transition to pet very well and he sure knows that he’s landed on his feet here. Watching him in full flight, he is majestic, powerful and graceful and yet he is a very gentle soul with a bit of a comedic streak about him too.

No dog is ever the same as it’s predecessor – there could never be another Abi and that’s as it should be.

Scubaidh is his own dog and he’s carving out his own special place in my heart in his very own way.

He’s gonna love his new world when the time comes!

And perhaps in a new, more suitable location, free of other complications; modelling can resume its proper place in my Pantheon of interests and activities – although I’m considering a dabble with bee-keeping too, since the little guys seem to be needing a hand at present! 🐝🐝🐝


5 responses to “Transitions 3.0”

  1. Go for it, never put off what you need to do, irrespective of the upheavals. Once you are in the place that you need to be, everything will work out.


  2. Wishing you all the best with whatever you decide to do Dave.

    Not sure about the South-west being too remote though! Think it is about an hour on the train from Lockerbie to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    From discussions a friend had about selling their house it might be worth you speaking to an estate agent about what you need to do before selling, if you haven’t done so already. For example, potential purchasers might not like any changes you make to flooring or decor, so that might be wasted time and expense on your part. Maybe similarly for the boiler – if it needs replacing they might just factor its replacement in in any offer made.

    Anyway, hope to catch up soon and all the best.


  3. The flooring is being redone as a matter of necessity, John.
    In the past I had a washing machine flood which due to the nature of the underfloor caused rot in the boards which needed replaced.
    I’d foolishly put tiling down which was the worst decision I’ve ever made; never again!
    Anyway, that issue is solved and I’m playing safe with linoleum in the kitchen and laminate in the hall.
    Safe colours that go with just about anything!

  4. Angus is an excellent choice – i should know because I live here! It’s really got a bit of everything that Scotland has to offer, although I very much regret to say that Tories won the consituency from the SNP at the last election. Hopefully we’ll get it back. Anyway, me and my black lurcher Indy look forward to seeing you and Scubaidh Dubh (that name will not please the Gaelic purists!) when you move up here. House prices in Angus are just under the Scottish average – if you haven’t already dome so, have a look at the Tayside Solicitors Property centre ( – it’ll give you an idea of what your money will buy.


    1. Thanks David. Scubaidh is a very sociable lad and I’m sure he and Indy will get on fine! I’m very much looking forward to the setting up home at last in my own country again and I’m sure Angus will be back in the right hands very soon.
      I’ve set myself so fully on it that I’m already there in my head.
      That kind of visualisation got me from Essex to Carlisle last time; now to finish the job!

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