Loose Ends

As previously mentioned, in spite of all the other activity that going on here, some modelling has occurred. Primarily, it’s been a kind of tidying up exercise. Over the last ten years or so an accumulation of part completed or even barely started projects have festooned the corners of the shed and what you see here is the fruit of a concerted effort to get this pile, reduced, completed and stashed away for the big move.

Top of the pile was an old Hornby Mallard, lying in a dismembered state since 2011. I finally got round to detailing the model with the Brassmasters etch and equipping the bogie with Gibson wheels for a finer appearance. Although I’ve been advised by an expert that further modification to the corridor end of the tender is needed for her portrayed era (1965), she is pretty much completed now.

60009, Union of South Africa, 1965.

Prior to 60009’s roll out, the second piece of steam traction was a Bachmann Ivatt 2MT. This had previously been earmarked for conversion to a BR Standard version but Hornby’s 2020 programme rendered that idea redundant. The Ivatt has now been finished as Dundee (Tay Bridge) shed’s 46463, used for years on local traffic along with now preserved sister 46364.

Also lying at the back of a drawer were two Claytons, non-runners since new which I eventually, two years back found suitable replacement chassis for. Along with two sisters in early livery who had been EM configured but subsequently returned to OO, the locos were equipped with nice new finescale buffers and suitably less than spotless Clayton state of presentation!

Now they are completed, all these models will now be packed away, to be enjoyed one day when all of this strangeness and all the frantic activity of the future move is finally complete and I can then fully enjoy creative activities again without the guilt of knowing I have other pressing work to do!



2 responses to “Loose Ends”

  1. Nice work Dave up to you usal high standards. Hope your ok. took the plunge to try kit building with a K.s J4/J3 kit off flea Bay cheap so we will see how it goes.
    All the best for your up and comming move. you and Scoby stay safe and enjoy your furlow time

  2. I love the Claytons mate!

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