Waiting to Proceed.

I surely don’t have to comment on the strangeness and uneasiness of the times we are currently going through together, there’s an entire media circus out there fully engaged in that task, so really this is all the mention it’s getting here though virtually everything in this entry is a result of it!

I currently find myself on furlough from my part time work and have been since late March. Frankly given the nature of my work I’ll be quite happy for that to continue for now!

Anyway, all this time off has allowed me to make enormous progress with the house, getting it ever closer to readiness for sale and hopefully a quick return to my homeland when restrictions do finally ease. The garden is now completed as is the fence and the last outdoor task involved making my own concrete step for the gateway. Knocking up my own shuttering and doing the concrete mix was a surprisingly enjoyable task!

It must be said that my original schedule set last July for achieving my objective of getting home in nine months was a bit optimistic but when I look back at all the things I’ve achieved with the house, the difference is immeasurable. There is still work to do but the biggest part is just decluttering and packing; there’s an awful lot of stuff that needs chucked or rehoused as I intend to travel light to my new life!

Modelling, of course, the whole reason this blog exists has largely out of necessity taken something of a back seat over the last 4-5 years as a whole series of challenges of other kinds have had to be dealt with but whilst ‘ the kennel’ will shortly have to be mostly packed up, some activity has occurred, more of which on my next post, to follow immediately; some technical issues are forcing me to limit post sizes right now, stay tuned, friends! 😊

Playing at Bob the Builder!
The scabby panel will soon be replaced by a nice iron gate!


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