Followers of this blog will be aware of my intention, formally announced last July to sell up and move back to Scotland. At that time I gave myself nine months to complete the mission. World events obviously had other plans…

Realistically, I still had work to do on the place when Lockdown kicked in and my nine months estimate wasn’t perhaps as realistic as first thought. Nevertheless, as a result of Lockdown I found myself on voluntary furlough for two months which allowed me to make great progress. I now have only three smallish material jobs to complete and I have plans for hopefully executing two of those shortly. In the meantime, life centres on getting stuff packed away to present an uncluttered appearance for any viewer.

This of course means that a lot of the personal stuff has gone into boxes now and the place is beginning to look a little sparse and impersonal. Other than the garden which I spend most of my time sat or busy in at the moment, the house has become a kind of half-way between the two worlds of the past and the future. Coupled with the way things currently are, it’s a strange kind of limbo I find myself in; stuck here but wanting to be somewhere else but not seeing an immediate end to the situation. Even though I’m not far from listing the property, I need to find a new place in Scotland to go to but with the Scottish Government sensibly exercising a gradual approach to the easing of lockdown (unlike the psychopaths running the show in the south), it may be a little bit before I can actually go and scout my intended area of residence on the ground still.

Living alone of course means it’s entirely on my own plate and I’m just having to learn what and how to do it on my own as I go. This means things happen slowly and there’s only one head and set of resources to do the thinking but that’s where we are; nobody is actually forcing me to do this and the end makes the effort worthwhile. And there is still modelling to be done…

7 responses to “Interzone.”

  1. Nice photo of a Brush type 2 entering Cricklewood yard.
    Not been there for a while but remember the wall and watchtower just off the north circular.

    You’ll get your release soon bud.
    Patience an all that.

    Cricklewood will seem a lifetime ago before you no it.

    Yes I’m using metaphors……

  2. Know*

    Schoolboy error which I can’t blame on newphone familiarisation/displexia.

  3. 😂😂😂 Think I know ye well enough by now. Good tae hear fae ye sir!

    1. I still keep an eye on The Kennel bud.
      Dumped all social media, very liberating.
      The college were pushing LinkedIn but even that became an exercise in shite wading so I pumped it.
      That’s me a formally qualified engineer, paperwork to prove it at last.
      Proper swot, A grade HNC & HND. Onto BSc next at Paisley.
      I’ve probably lost your number nowbut my emails the same if you want to ping us your contact details?
      Just recently cleaned it ip and deleted 3 and a bit thousand emails. All Whitrope stuff gone now.
      Take care bud and stay safe,


  4. Will do pal, and congratulations.

  5. If you’re comfortable telling me where you want to live (approximately), I can do some pre-scouting for you if I’m close enough to your preferred area. Maybe not much help, but even feeling like you’re making some progress is invaluable right now.

  6. Thank you, Beth.
    I’m looking to head over to Angus ; somewhere like Montrose or the general area.
    I’m pretty much at the mercy of what I get for my property here before I can determine how much I have to spend but I suspect somewhere in the £80-90k bracket.
    Two bedrooms and a reasonable sized garden for growing my own veg is pretty much the primary spec! 😊

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