It’s a long time since I started on this road as long time followers of my blog will know.

In the last couple of weeks I have received a suitable offer for the house, the paperwork has been submitted and it’s now pretty much just a case of working out a suitable date.

And at that point, an association with this house and this city, dating back to the last days of the 20th Century comes to an end.

In some ways I suppose I should feel some kind of sadness, given the length of time I’ve been here and the decent neighbours. I’m giving up a job too, but that’s something I can deal with once settled in a new place. I’m ready for this change and looking forward to the fresh start, back under my own sky.

Whilst I haven’t found a new place yet I do have somewhere to go whilst I sort this. This arrangement gives me the advantage of being able to make a cash offer and without the bother of cross-border conveyancing.

And with all that out of the way, I can seriously focus on creative stuff, including breaking through the block that has been holding this blog back.

I really do need to get back into the habit, so I’ll share some of my recent work tomorrow.

One of the first thing I’m going to do once I’m home is make a scenic display piece for photographic work. It’s become patently obvious that my work really does need proper presentation to be seen at its best.

I also feel that a couple of small dioramas will be a good way making a serious stab at developing my scenic modelling skills.


2 responses to “Decades.”

  1. Congratulations! You’ve wanted this for so long and now it’s happening. So pleased for you.

    1. Been a long road, Beth, but almost there.
      Hope you’re keeping well.

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