A lot has happened since my last post and the last two to three months have seen enormous change in my life as I finally moved back north to start a new chapter in life. It all happened very quickly in the end with a neatness and ease I never, ever expected, even down to being able to transfer in work with no other pain than learning new routes and a few different procedures.

Scenes like the header image are now everyday for me but never to be taken for granted. All my life, I’ve dreamt of living in a small, rural place like this and the sea is an incredible bonus ball.

The place I live now is essentially a 1920s flat in a block of four. There is as much living space in it as I had in my old semi. On top of that, there’s a massive loft and a fireplace, currently boarded but ready to be opened up to accept a stove.

But it’s outside where things get really interesting as there’s a massive amount of garden space that will allow me to properly grow my own food. Not only this but a garage for heavy DIY and crucially a shed that is about to undergo substantial rebuilding to become the new ‘kennel’, or as we’ll know it, Alba Weathering’s new Hercules Works.*

Cleaned up and rotten timber removed. Lots of heavy work to follow…

My intent is to substantially re-timber the shed and add a couple of lower courses of Engineering block to remove the risk of rot again, along with some drainage work at the front. It’s a big job, but it will put all the lessons I learned from Kingmoor Works about workspace design to practice.

Things are beginning to settle down at work and Scubaidh is getting used to his new world; I don’t think he’s had so much fun anywhere else before coming here. Always a new adventure to be had. In fact, he’s already had Class 08, 26, 27 and Barclay 0-4-0 haulage on the Caledonian Railway at Brechin!

Of course, these are side issues for your average dog and I think he is probably more impressed with the places he gets walked these days, particularly the fantastic beach at St Cyrus Nature Reserve!

He used to be wary of the sea, now he lies in it!

Yes, I think he’s happy in his new world!

(photo; Ian Pepper)

There’s a lot to do before normal modelling resumes here, but the process of getting to that position is going to be an interesting project in its own right and will certainly be the subject of several posts.

*And finally; Hercules Works? Well, it’s a nod to both Hercules Linton, designer of the Cutty Sark who started and finished his time on earth in this village, and two the Atlas Works of the old NBL company. I think it’s fitting anyway!


6 responses to “Movements”

  1. Congratulations on a seemless transition.

    Atlas works. Got my HNC on it’s hallowed ground. Kelvin College, Springburn campus enhabits part of it’s former footprint. It now has LMS carriages hanging on the glass panels of the CAD department rooms. Funnily enough my late thirties lecturer knew nothing of the locations former importance.
    Now on the honors year at the Paolo Nutini Uni in Paisley having gained BSc er, about 4 weeks ago. Covid, ran three trimesters, for the joy.

    Keep in and keep well, when lifes no so busy for either of us, we’ll get a decent catch up big yin.

    Much respect


    1. Note*

      Think Kelvin College is on the Hyde Park works site.

      Print the legend however…..

  2. Good to know you’ve settled in in such an attractive location. If you drop me an email Dave we can maybe meet up, perhaps along with Mr Duffy.


  3. Congratulations and welcome home!

  4. Nice one! 🙂

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