Bits and pieces.

Now that’s a topiary

I’ve just had a couple of days off and used it to get a few things done. First off, I was down at Montrose to get the car a major service. Long needed but now she feels like a new motor! Anyway, I had a whole morning to kill in Montrose so I spent a bit of time exploring. Once upon a time, the Caley had a station in Montrose which connected to the Strathmore route at Dubton Junction. A couple of significant bridges remain and the route itself is now a very pleasant any useful public path that skirts the coastal side of the burgh. The chief remnant is this rather substantial over ridge built of local stone.

The Caley line and former docks lines essentially formed a loop around Montrose so theoretically you could have run it as a ’roundy-roundy’!

We spent a few minutes at the links too.

During our explorations we got two soakings in very heavy and thundery showers and the drive back home afterward was in pretty appalling conditions. Worst I’ve experienced for a while and I was pretty glad to get home!

In the evening I spent a few hours up in the loft where I got on with weathering a couple of locos for a mate and then a couple of things for myself.

The Class 58 and 47 are for a friend and about midway through the process.

Next up was my second Caley 812. Been working slowly through this one and you can see the modification I have made to the oddly thick tender coping. A flat blade, a scraper and some 800 grade wet and dry did the business and further weathering awaits the loco.

Three former Special edition Bachmann 20 ton vans started their journey into everyday bauxite van anonymity.

Lastly in modelling terms, I did a little more to the Planet Industrials conversion that makes the Hattons 16″ Barclay into an NCB cab version.

It’s been hard to find a shade of green that looked suitably NCB to my eyes. Vallejo light green seems to do the trick and some weathering will take any loudness off the colour.

Today, has been spent sorting out my log storage as I received a bonus load from a neighbour. All dried and seasoned and stored undercover until it can be properly processed now.

Yep, not a bad use of the last two days really. It’s nice when you can get useful things like this,


2 responses to “Bits and pieces.”

  1. In windy places where hedges are key
    When shears meet box here’s what they say
    When it is square like a lice of big dead fly pie
    That’s a topiary

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