It was all so easy once.

I remember a time not so long ago when if you had surplus stock to sell, you could just list it on RMweb and it could be gone in 30 minutes. Not so any more. There’s always some shark wanting a cut or government regulations require you to put the most intrusive of details on an auction site, probably so that the taxman can screw you for even more in order that the wealthy crooks who run the place can get away with paying even less of their unearned wealth back in. Yep everything’s crap for the little guy today. Here endeth today’s sermon. 😉

4 responses to “It was all so easy once.”

  1. Have you tried Western Thunder? The Small Ads are pretty straightforward. I can use them, so they must be!

    Watchyagot? 😁

  2. Have you tried Western Thunder? The Small Ads are straightforward.



    1. I didn’t know Western Thunder was still a thing, Jan!
      Quite a few things, mainly from the ’80s period including blue/grey and ScotRail DBSOs and a limited issue ScotRail 47.

  3. Hi Max
    Yes… it’s my place of quiet rest away from the lunacy of our shared shaftedness. And my motivation, when I have the time. I must admit, I sell through EBay, but I’m less and less enamoured with it.



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