I’ve been modelling in one form or another nearly all my life!
I first got into railways in a big way in 1977 and with the usual stop-start interest in my late teens/twenties and a lengthy diversion into aircraft, it was in the mid 1990s that I returned to railway modelling with a vengeance.
After some regrettable experiences with unpleasant individuals in the world of on-line forums, I prefer to communicate with the world through the blogosphere where many other modelling friends now operate. There’s no real room for petty squabbling and ego/power tripping of individuals in this medium and after years of dealing with conflict, empire builders and authoritarian bullies in my professional life that suits me just fine.
If you want to follow my blog, just come as you are and be yourself. 🙂
I’m interested in the Scottish Region of BR, chiefly in the 1955-70 period though parts of the blue era in Scotland and the steam era north east of England are also of interest.
That interest focuses squarely on the almost mythological landscape of Galloway and the sphere of the ‘Sou’West’where I can occasionally be found colluding with Jamie of Culreoch fame.
I also have an interest in operations around Glasgow and the legendary and much missed ‘Waverley Route’ along with its English counterpart, the Settle and Carlisle.


2 responses to “About”

  1. Not sure if you’ve seen this 1972 BBC programme that follows the route of the Waverley shortly after closure http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01rwh55/Nairn_Across_Britain_From_Leeds_into_Scotland/

    1. Thanks James. I’ve seen the odd snippet in the past but not the whole documentary. I shall watch this later.

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