The Anatomy of a Wagon

At Whitrope we have begun to gather a small collection of rolling stock.
One example of this is our 13 ton plank sided open wagon. M419057.
Information is still being gathered regarding the vehicle but reference to Essery and Morgan’s The LMS Wagon (David & Charles, 1977) indicates that it was built in 1946 to Diagram 2094, part of lot 1394 which comprised a build of 750 of these vehicle. Production of this batch was shared between Wolverton and Derby works and further research will be required to ascertain which works was responsible for the production of ours.
419057 has been out in the open at Whitrope for a long time and is now looking rather worse for wear.
Nonetheless, she still runs and in fact she was our first official ‘train’ over Whitrope Summit since the contractors withdrew, taking the track with them in 1971.
As a result of being in the open so long, she has suffered significant body deterioration and most of the timbers will need replacing. Fortunately, we have a stock of suitable timber than can hopefully be cut to useful size.
iphone photos 003














2 responses to “The Anatomy of a Wagon”

  1. Good luck with this! Good to see some active wagon preservation.

  2. Fascinating read Max and good luck with the restoration. She’s going to look wonderful when done! Will you be posting updates? Would love to watch this project progress.

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