Bread and Butter

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Two of the Waverley Route’s goods workhorses. The B1 4-6-0 and the ex NBR S Class/ J37 0-6-0.

The B1 is a bashed about Hornby model and the J37 was built from an old NB Models kit and an NBR 4mm developments etched chassis. For my money these are the best designed etched chassis on the market. Power is via a Mashima 1424 and a High Level gearbox. You may notice that the Wakefield lubricator drive isn’t fitted on the J37 but as I’d acquired the kit as a part build, I was pretty unsure of some of the finer fittings, or more specifically, my ability to make this particular one work correctly. Maybe next time – if I ever find another of these exceedingly rare beasts!The B1 in this case depicts 61099, a St Margarets loco and a regular on the route. She was created by taking the smoke box door from another B1 donor and also required the removal of the electric lighting, generator and conduits. All this stuff was of course transferred onto the other B1 which become Canal’s 61290, circa 1956. I then had to reinstate the lighting conduit on 612990 from fuse wire but if anything, the effect looked more natural than the poker straight moulding that was originally on the model that became 61099!

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6 thoughts on “Bread and Butter

  1. TBH Dave, this sort of work is worthy of even bigger pics. I particularly like the way your locos are individual, not a formulaic ‘blathering’, so that (for instance) the big green engines do actually look, erm, big and green 🙂

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