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Captain’s Log, Stardate; WTF?

As someone who’s been following Scottish politics since the great independence debate took off in 2011-12, I’m pretty used to ill-informed, bat-shit craziness by now but I have to say that this post, spotted on a well-known UK model railway … Continue reading

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Where you’ve been and where you’re headed…

Well, there we are. Our wee blue world has completed another circle of the sun,bringing to a close a year of great change on a personal, national and global scale. It’s been a funny old year from my own perspective … Continue reading

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The Scottish School

Back in the autumn of 1977, when it appeared that the railway interest I’d picked up in the summer wasn’t going away anytime soon, I joined the East Kilbride Model railway club. At that time, they had their ‘Nerston Junction’ … Continue reading

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For External Use Only.

I recently finished these two models for a friend. First one is a nicely constructed O gauge J39, 0-6-0. In addition the effects, I also added a cab storm sheet and coal for the tender. I’m very pleased with how … Continue reading

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More 2P sub assemblies

Before work today, I grabbed a couple of hours at the bench and surprised myself with the progress made. Cab splashers applied, firebox and boiler/smokebox fabricated. Whilst these are relatively simple shapes in terms of the Fowler design, I suspect … Continue reading

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Possible new Reid Atlantic kit from 52F

(Image courtesy of WRHA Archive.) Whilst a number of kits exist for models of the Caledonian and Highland Railways’ larger locomotives, there is nothing similar for the NBR (sorry, I just don’t like the full title!) 🙂 equivalent, WP Reid’s … Continue reading

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Jumbo victory!

I am pleased to report the final completion of Jumbo 57375 as she is now known. All the major work is now complete. Coupling links and loco-tender coupling await but she is otherwise complete at last. It’s been a long, … Continue reading

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