Pearl Diver? No, 84p!

In between the antics with the Gresley TK, I’ve been tarting up a nice new Bachmann A2. I recently traded in some stuff at my local pusher, C&M Models which left me a healthy exchange credit and allowing me to acquire a pair of A2s. This particular model took the total cost 84p beyond what I had in the pot! Nevertheless, as the proud owner of a new 60533 Happy Knight and 60534 Irish Elegance I set about adapting them to my needs. Thus tender swapping tool place (this did not involve throwing regulator handles into a crate in the centre of the enginemens’ mess-room…
The result of this is that 60534 now has a late crest tender to place her in the 1960 period whilst the early crest tender went to the double chimney loco which underwent some identity reassignment surgery to become 60529 Pearl Diver as she looked in 1956 whilst based at Haymarket.
The only major work was in relation to adding the new plates and renumbering. Removing the numbers in this case was quite easy. I gave the lightest of surface rubbing with a fibreglass pen, finished by rubbing away with a cocktail stick, some buffing with T-Cut and finally a coat or two of Klear to provide the high gloss necessary to accept decals.
I’ll add some proper daylight images shortly but I couldn’t wait to share 60529 with you as I tried out some new effects which I think have really helped to create the famous ‘Haymarket Look’.



2 responses to “Pearl Diver? No, 84p!”

  1. It looks fantastic! The A2 class are a good looking type, I wouldn’t mind adding one to my collection!

    1. The A2s really do look good. One thing I do notice is that the three locos configured like this with the multi-valve regulator and double chimney look markedly different from the single chimney ones. They look more hunched and purposeful like a big cat about to spring. The single chimney engines look almost dainty by comparison but one thing is certain, both types look good. It’s a shame Sayajirao wasn’t saved along with Blue Peter!

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