Pickersgill update No1



Finally the details such as lamp irons have been fitted to the Pickersgill. Priming and basic painting has taken place now and the model is being made ready for lining. In the second photo I have added the red of the buffer beams and the cream for the cab interior.
It’s surprising just how much difference that splash of red on the ends makes.

Wandering Willie is also making tentative progress. I am making modifications to the rear tender rails and the safety valve housing which was altered to the box type in the 1940s. Cowlairs Works seemed to be quite fond of this modification as it can be found on a number of locos of NBR and LNER origin.


6 responses to “Pickersgill update No1”

  1. That is looking very nice. You wouldn’t think there is an RTR chassis under there (meant as a compliment).

    My attention can’t help but be drawn to those gleaming Gresley Pacifics mind!

  2. Those are being done for somebody else Tom, don’t get excited! 😉

  3. Wow, it’s looking great! An elegant locomotive too 🙂

  4. Iain MacIntosh Avatar
    Iain MacIntosh

    With some regret they are not being done for me.

    That said I do know a man with a 37 and a deltic heading his way once complete…..


  5. Peter Chandler Avatar
    Peter Chandler

    Max, I,m sure someone does an etch of s/box door decorations so beloved of the Caley, stars etc. One of those would finish this of a treat. Can’t remember who, caley coaches perhaps?
    Peter C.

  6. I shall need to check that out, Peter.

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