Carlsberg don’t do kits…

But if they did, this one would keep them on their toes!

Just arrived in the post today is a new kit by Peter Stanger at 52F models.
This is for the attractive C16 4-4-2 tank locomotive, formerly NBR Class L.
52F kits already have a reputation for innovative and intelligent design and even from the point where the wrapping comes off, quality radiates from even the sturdy plastic box containing the kit itself.

Inside are a fabulous collection of nickel silver etches, first off; the quality is readily apparent upon viewing and the chassis frames are a simple fold-up which should help the achievement of square chassis assembly.





One especially innovative feature for me is the fact that some of the more complex-shaped items have already been pre-formed, such as the tank sides and boiler. The cab roof and smokebox have also been pre-shaped. The smokebox wrapper is also part etched so rivets can be pushed out though if I remember correctly this only really applies to the similar C15, a kit for which is also being produced. (EDIT-sorry, Pete, I just read the relevant part of the instructions – C16s could have them too!)




Additionally, there are several bags of castings, both white metal and lost wax brass.
These latter, along with the superb sprung buffers will I hope be available separately as there are items that will be useful for other NB/LNER types. The buffers are also suitable for CR types too




This particular version of the kit is optimised for EM although P4 and OO versions should be available.
For an additional fee, Peter supplies Gibson wheels with modified crank pin throw, prototypical to the engine.

The instruction sheet itself is a work of art with clear, detailed and explicit instructions for each stage of construction; far cry from the cast kits of yesteryear and it’s evident that these have been written by someone who has actually built the kit.


In summary, this kit has been designed and produced with care, intelligence and real innovation.
The mere appearance and feel of the kit inspires confidence in this builder at least and in time, when current commitments have been cleared I shall report the building process on this very blog.
In the meantime, if you want one of these kits, they can be ordered via Peter at
I’m really pleased with this excellent kit and the proof of it will be in the building.
I have every confidence it will live up to the high expectations I have for it!


4 responses to “Carlsberg don’t do kits…”

  1. that is simply superb, cracking choice.

  2. Looking forward to seeing that one built up Dave, the kit parts from the superstructure to the fittings seem to ooze quality – the C15 looks a cracker as well. Fine for 67640 and 67474!

  3. I too am impressed by the appearance of the components and instructions, looks like its got real potential for a good model.

  4. That definitely does look a very high quality

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