Further items to shift





With Wigan exhibition this week, attention turns to gaining some funds to invest in new EM equipment.

Shown above is a Cowans & Sheldon 10 ton general purpose crane.
These could be found in goods and Engineers’ yards over the BR system from the late 1950s till the early 1990s.
This started life as a Hornby crane which has been fitted with Lanarkshire Models buffers, Markits 00 wheels and a selection of resin and etched parts to depict a more convincing representation of the pulley gear. It’s accompanied by an LMS single plank open wagon in the office of crane runner constructed from a Falcon etched brass kit.
I can fit the models with link couplings if required.
I’m looking for £45-50 for this one off model. I also have 57 pairs of unused Markits 12 mm 00 wheelsets bagged with bearings and six pairs of 14 mm also. Again £45 secures the lot.

Finally I can spare an as new BR black V2 locomotive in early BR black for £55.
As usual, please reply if there is anything of interest.

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