Bang for your buck?


Today, I spent an enjoyable day at the Wigan Model Railway exhibition. A good day was had meeting and conversing with friends, admiring the modelling of others.
Inevitably some money changed hands also as shows like this are good for getting those otherwise hard to find items.
A visit to the Shawplan stand proved somewhat expensive as a pile of much required Laserglaze packs and etchings left me £130 lighter. Mulling this over at lunch it occurred to me that this is roughly RRP for a new Hornby loco.
This got me thinking about relative values in the wider sense. Many modellers might spend that £130 on a new locomotive, take it out of the box and have it running round their layout for the rest of the evening.
In my case though, these Shawplan parts will, for the same outlay provide me with several weeks or months pleasure upgrading five locomotives and eight carriages.
It all comes down to what you want from the hobby but I think I got the better deal!

6 responses to “Bang for your buck?”

  1. So eloquently put.
    You missed out that those pleasurable moments are going to produce models that RTR simply cannot match and the finished articles, given your high standards, will “look the beans” my friend.

  2. Trust you Dave – I spot this entry and immediately start scooping up Class 27 Laserglaze & Rad Fans….!

    1. Well if I’ve inspired some action in a reader then my blog has served some kind of useful purpose!

  3. I’m sure Mr Shawplan has other wallet lighteners in the pipeline too! :o)

  4. That sounds like guilty knowledge Paul, but I’ve been hoping for these 57 footer packs for donkeys’!

  5. Good lad!!! Looking forward to seeing it all fitted. Once you start laserglazing though mate you’ve had it!!!

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